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Life can be a complex thing, and sometimes we allow our fears and doubts to prevent us from living life to the fullest. But what happens when you decide to stop letting something hold you back in life?

Embracing his true self

Sean's Story

Sean grew up in a religious household in the United States, and things weren’t always easy.

“I grew up in a religious household,” he said, “and it was quite clear to me that I was a showman, and that I was bold and I was flamboyant, and I just hid that”.

Ready to embrace his true self, we invited Sean to take part in a tandem skydive over the beautiful city of Newcastle. “You spend your entire adult life trying to figure out who you are, but the world is waking up,” he said, “you can walk a different walk.”

Marking the experience as a pride jump, Sean was ready to challenge everything he’d experienced growing up and truly embrace who he is. With his adorable twins in tow, he was ready to show them what it looked like to be proud of who you are, and to channel the confidence you need to do so.

After landing from his jump, we asked Sean how he felt. His response? Jumping in the air and screaming with pure joy.

“That word, being proud, just kept coming back to me. I was proud that I did it, proud that I got in the plane, proud that I jumped,” he said.

She's fearless & confident


Camilla is fearless, a confident young woman who recently opened her own interior design business. Then, the pandemic started.

“Recently, I opened my own interior design business, and then March 2020 hit and it was like someone shut the door in my face,” she said.

As someone who likes to be in control, it not only hit her business pretty hard, but also Camilla herself.

Camilla, despite emulating confidence in her everyday life, struggled with the concept of skydiving. “The biggest fear I have is that I’m scared of heights,” was her response to the idea of a 15,000ft tandem skydive. “I never thought I’d be doing it!”

But, she did do it, and her reaction afterwards surprised even herself. Visibly emotional from her experience, Camilla found herself reveling in the idea of not having to take control for once.

“Just having someone else in charge was really nice,” she said. “That was scary, but then it was amazing!”

A mum with two boys


Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing, but it comes with a lot of sacrifices too. For Rachel, she put everything into raising her two sons, and didn’t make much time for herself in the process.

“I am a mum with two boys, and I definitely didn’t shy away from adventure when I was younger,” she said. “I found an old filofax from 1996, in that list was parachute jump and I didn’t cross it off.”

Rachel realised that it was time to no longer allow being a mum to hold her back. “My role as a mum is changing,” she said. “I can no longer feel guilty about doing something just for me.”

Ready to finally tick off parachute jump from the 25-year old bucket list, Rachel only had one thing to say before she got into the Skydive Australia plane. Speaking of her boys, she said, “When they see the footage, I think they’ll both be proud – I hope so!”

After free falling at over 200km/hr for nearly a minute, Rachel’s parachute opened and she cried, “I did it!”

Landing on the ground, Rachel could hardly contain her happiness.

“Why did you wait 25 years to do this?” she asked herself.

Unable to wipe the smile from her face, Rachel felt a wave of accomplishment, and she was finally able to tick the parachute jump from her bucket list.

Hearing-impaired photographer


James is a photographer, and he’s also hearing impaired. For his entire life, he’s faced challenges in his everyday life due to his hearing impairment.

“Being hearing impaired can be really hard for me,” he said. “People don’t realise how much energy I have to put into listening during school & work time.”

Despite being nervous about the idea of a tandem skydive, especially as someone with a hearing impairment, James was ready to face his fears by jumping out of a plane with us.

“Sometimes I feel scared and it’s holding me back, but it doesn’t stop me trying new things,” he said. “I just have to take a leap of faith!”

A leap of faith it was, and one that James was grateful to have found the courage to take. 

“That was the best thing ever… amazing!”

Life & health coach


After hitting rock bottom with his health, Sean realised that he needed to make some changes in his lifestyle. 

“We saw doctors after doctors,” he said when discussing his health. “We hit rock bottom.”

After getting his health back on track, Sean was inspired to help and motivate others, so he decided to become a life and health coach. “I want to set an example, that we can overcome our fears,” he said.

Sean’s wife also played a big role in his decision to take part in a tandem skydive. 

“You’ve always wanted to do it, you have to do it,” she said.

With his wife’s encouragement and his dog Jacques by their side, Sean got in our plane and jumped over the city of Newcastle.

After landing, Sean ran to his wife and Jacques and greeted them with a huge embrace. 

“I’m alive!” he said. “This is what it’s all about – living.”

Ready to face her fears


Struggling with self-confidence is difficult, especially when you’re trying to grow your own small business. Lisa has her own jewellery business, but has always found it pretty hard to put herself out there.

“I’ve always wanted to be a bold, confident person,” she said. “It’s terrifying… my biggest fear is presenting myself.”

Lisa was very nervous about being interviewed, and asked for a closed set when filming. While we chatted to her, she told us that the idea of jumping out of a plane was far simpler than the idea of putting herself out there.

“I feel like jumping out of a plane is so easy,” she said.”You just jump.”

Ready to face her fears and challenge herself, Lisa arrived at our Newcastle drop zone ready to take the ultimate leap. When she landed, she was a completely different person, and it was immediately obvious that her skydiving experience had triggered something in her.

“That was AMAZING,” she screamed. “I can do anything, honestly. I want to go again!”


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